luni, 9 noiembrie 2015

Netanyahu-Obama talks to set more U.S. military aid

— Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington on Monday is being billed as a fence-mending visit following the bitter confrontation between the two leaders over the Iran nuclear deal.
But with discussions expected to focus on enhanced military aid to Israel and Obama administration officials’ acknowledgment last week that they don’t expect a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks for the rest of the Obama presidency, analysts are seeing the meeting as something of a victory lap for the prime minister.
The appointment last week of Ran Baratz, a conservative academic who lives in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, as Netanyahu’s public diplomacy chief underscores that dynamic, said Yossi Alpher, an Israeli strategic analyst.
Baratz has suggested in Facebook postings that Obama was an anti-Semite and has derided Secretary of State John Kerry, and on Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at the appointment Saturday, saying there was no excuse for an official of the Israeli government making such comments. Read more here:

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