vineri, 7 octombrie 2016

Haiti: Uraganul Matthew,numarul mortilor a ajuns la 283,furtuna se indreapta spre Statele Unite.

Publicat pe 6 oct. 2016·The destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew was clearly visible throughout Haiti on Thursday, after the storm struck the Caribbean island this week, with the death toll now soaring to at least 283, according to the Haitian Interior Ministry. The hurricane has also displaced around 15,000 people, with the city Jeremie being hit particularly hard, and destroyed some 80 percent of homes in the country's Sud Department. Power lines are down and an important bridge has collapsed, leaving the southern part of Haiti largely cut off from the rest of the island. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs at least 350,000 people are in need of assistance. Prior to Hurricane Matthew some 55,000 people were already living in temporary shelters, due to an earthquake in 2010, which killed more than 90,000 people. The states of Florida and South Carolina as well as parts of North Carolina and Georgia in the United States, have also declared a state of emergency, with millions of coastal residents warned to be ready for evacuation, as Hurricane Matthew is expected to strike the US in the coming days.

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