joi, 17 mai 2018

USA: CIA chief nominee's Senate hearing interrupters released from jail

Publicat pe 10 mai 2018·Subscribe to our channel! Two protesters, who were arrested for interrupting the Senate confirmation hearing for CIA director candidate Gina Haspel, were released from the Superior Court of Washington DC on Thursday. Both the 78-year old former CIA analytics employee Ray McGovern and a senior activist from Code Pink Janice Sevre-Duczynska were held in the central cell block overnight and were released around 17h local time, after an arraignment hearing. McGovern displayed the severe bruises on both hands, which he claims were sustained when being dragged out of the chamber. Despite, the scarring intervention of police offers, McGovern defended his actions. "I took just one solemn oath and that was to support and to defend the constitution of the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic," said McGovern, "all I am trying to do is to live up to my oath." Sevre-Duczynska also defended her intervention, saying "We are within our rights and we are challenging illegal activities by our government. We don't want a torturer, this Gina Haspel, to be the director of the CIA."

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